It’ is no coincidence that Ancient Kemet and Vintage (African) Arabia were the epicenter of the incense trade in ancient times. Agarwood incense is a treasured commodity today in Asia. Harvested from aquilaria trees, it smells like a cross between nutty wood and sweet vanilla. It’s pricey. Customers pay more than $60,000 for roughly a pound of quality agarwood, according to Wah Yuen.

We have hand rolled sticks and 100% raw oil from the East.  The tradition of raw oils is at risk of being lost as older people die and incense is produced in factories.  Unlike sticks sold at local stores which are dry, and mixed with chemicals. Our incense are the most pure as we make them ourselves.

While we don’t carry that high end oil, we have others that equal the strength and potency of that same fragrance, with more of an African/Arabic persuasion. Highly desired, and exclusive to those who appreciate the benefits of them.