Authentic Original Primitive African Warrior Wood Dan Wall Mask. We are offering to you a stunning piece of Antique African Art. This is a fine antique Ceremonial Dance Mask. This piece came from the Ivory Coast and is most likely from the Dan Tribe. The Dan Tribe and sub Tribes Guere and Yacouba live in Western Ivory coast and Liberia. They are people from the rainforest. It is a real beauty and very primitive in nature.



Authentic Original Primitive African Warrior Wood Dan Wall Mask w/Braids and Goatee12″ Dan Wooden Warrior Wall Mask Circa: 20th Century AD. The Dan people who are also known by the name Yucaba, live in the western part of the Cote d’ Ivoire and into Liberia. They number about 350,000 and make their living farming cocoa, rice and manioc. The Dan villages used to be autonomous, governed by a chief chosen from within their ranks, based on his wealth and social standing, however, unifying secret societies were set up and play a very influential part in the daily life of the Dan. The mask measures 12″ High by 7 1/2″ Wide.


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