Title: Helmet Maiden Mask “Agbogho Mmuo”
Date: 19th–mid-20th century
Geography: Nigeria
Culture: Igbo peoples
Medium:Wood, pigment
Dimensions: 21.5inH x 9inW x 11inD

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Igbo art (Igbo: Ǹkà Igbo) is any body of visual art originating from the Igbo people. The Igbo produce a wide variety of art including traditional figures, masks, artifacts and textiles, plus works in metals such as bronze. Artworks from the Igbo have been found from as early as 9th century with the bronze artifacts found at Igbo Ukwu.

Ibo Carved Wood Maiden Mask, “Agbogho Mmuo” with pierced eyes and elaborate constructed coiffure with spoke and knob pattern, with black, white, and blue pigments.
This mask is worn in performances that occur at funerals and ceremonies that purify the village and other communal places.