The three colors represent: Red: the blood that unites all people of African Ancestry, and shed for Liberation; Black: The people whose existed as a Nation and: Green: the abundant land and natural wealth of Africa.
Our manufacturing process features extremely skilled techniques and careful reworking. Every pair of custom shoes is one- of- a- kind : combining handcrafting tradition, quality and modern style. We have taken the best known Concept of Unity, and Combined it with the best known Shoe Makers. Le Marche, Italy, where 100 years ago, modern shoe-making was invented. It’s called The Shoe Valley, and it’s been the world’s oldest and best shoe manufacturing district in the world since 1901. There are no finer hands in the field.

Handcrafted to fit your foot requirements. Rbg 1’s is a protected design and Limited Edition product. You can only find the very limited quantities here in this shop. When purchasing one of the few available, you will receive an official Limited Edition Certificate, with the unique Limited Edition design code: #CC7603.

We are now taking pre-orders for the all Black RBG’s shoes.