People Shona

Materials Stone (Serpentine)

Approximate Age 20th century Height: 21″
Weight: 78 lbs

Overall Condition Very Good
Additional Information: A delightful work made by Stanley Mutanga (1965 – ), a Second Generation Zimbabwean sculptor.

Stanley Mutanga is one of the internationally distributed Second Generation of Zimbabwean stone sculptors. Born in 1965, in the Murewa, Mashonaland East Province, Zimbabwe. Murewa is a township in Zimbabwe, 75 kilometers northeast from the capital of Harare, at the road to Tete.In the area, one will also find the famous Murehwa Caves with three tunnels, some as long as 9 km, and other sites with rock paintings of the San. The caves are protected by the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe. Mutanga was avid carving in svikiro sculpture park during the 90’s, and founded the weMbizi Art Studio, located in Tafara Harare, Zimbabwe where he continues to carve and participate in exhibitions both locally and internationally. Shona Stone Bust $3,000 USD